Friday, August 19, 2011

The big 3!!

This is a late post but better late then never right.....I still can't believe that my little baby boy turned the big 3 on July 10! It is a bitter sweet moment, of course i want my kids to grow up and enjoy the joys of life, but i secretly want them to stay little forever. i can't believe how fast they grow i just wish they would slow down a bit. it seems like yesterday i was giving birth to my sweet Jaren boy. oh how i miss him needing me for everything and when he would wrap his little fingers around mine i would feel like the most important person in the world to him. now he is all grown up and he stills needs me but it usually involves some temper tantrums ok a lot of them. we were all surprised when he all of a sudden wanted to be potty trained and didn't need much help in the matter. he finally became a really big boy wearing big boy undies in May 2011 and has been perfect ever since. he is such a boy these days well when it comes to what he talks about, all he ever talks about is poop, toots, and poopy diapers. he still loves all the girly stuff just like his sisters but how could we blame him the princess shoes look so much prettier then the cars and stuff. i'm sure that when he starts to hang out with more boys he will get over those pretty shoes real quick! Jaren has a new love and that is playing Super Mario Bros. with his dad. he waits all day long for daddy to get off work so he can play, and Jaren isn't half bad! Jaren loves being the big brother to Makayla and they get along so well, always giving hugs to each other. we don't know what we would do with our sweet little stud in the family, we love him to pieces. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE BOY!

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