Friday, August 19, 2011


Jeremy and I made a decision awhile ago that we would be homeschooling Analyce. this is a big decision and one that will take a lot of devotion and dedication. i know that i have made the right decision for my family at this time. i don't know if i will be homeschooling my kids all the way thru high school but i do know i will be doing it for the first year at least. people who know we are gonna be homeschooling have mixed feelings but the majority is against it. i have no problem being the different one i went through all of those comments about how we were crazy when people found out i was having a home birth, and i still did it. i know the decisions i have made are the right ones for me and Analyce. i am so super excited to start her school and she can't wait. one of the joys of homeschooling is you can pick when to start and stop! our school year will begin in September and Analyce is counting down the days. i have always wanted to be a teacher and i get to be the teacher to the best student baby girl! Wish us luck on our new adventure!

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  1. Way to go mommy! I know you'll do great! Sounds like a great decision for you and your Analyce. Good luck to you both. :)