Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Happenings!

I know it has been to long time since i last updated and i wish i had the discipline to do better. i just get to busy with life and little ones running around. we have had a lot happen in the last 5 months or so and i am not gonna even try to update on all the events. i will just write a few important ones so that i can remember them. we of course celebrated Christmas and the kids we ever so excited to open their presents. this Christmas was a little bit on the sad side since my kids and hubby all had the flu on Christmas day. as mommy was trying to do Santa stuff on Christmas Eve i got stopped to some crying from Jaren and come to find out he had thrown up while he was sleeping, so needless to say it was not my favorite night:( we at least got to spend the whole day together as a family starving, since nobody wanted to eat in fear of throwing up. the excitement for the kids really still made the day so much for us, but they did miss out on seeing extended family. we look forward to the next Christmas and hope it turns out to be better.
the next big event that we celebrated was my baby turned 5 and it was a little bit of a bitter sweet moment. Analyce was so excited to be 5 so that now she can go to school, but mommy still wishes she was my sweet little baby still. i dont know where the last 5 yrs have gone and where my baby went. she has now turned into a sweet, tender, loving, helpful, energetic little girl who is always wanting to help mommy. i feel so blessed that Analyce was sent to our little family because i learn from her every day. she didnt have her birthday party until the middle of March just because of her dads schedule, but she was very patient in waiting for it to come. she had a princess party at Freestone Park and got to even do a princess pinata. she was so excited for everyone to do the pinata and of course get some candy. we all enjoyed the fun sunny day eating pizza and cupcakes. Analyce is already talking about turning 6 and cant wait for her birthday party next year!
we also celebrated Jeremys birthday on March 10th and he turned the big 29! he says he definitely feels like a old man now and is a little sacred to hit the big 30! we decided to repeat the fun horse back riding that we did for Jeremy's birthday last year, but this year we had about 9 other people join us. we had so much fun riding horses and a lot of fun since some friends could enjoy it to. we rode through south mountain and then had a delicious dinner at t-bone steakhouse and then rode back through the mountain. we think we might just have to do the horse back riding thing every year for his birthday, well at least until Jeremy can handle it, since he is getting pretty old!
we also got to send my other baby into nursery since Makayla turned 18 months and she didnt do as well as we thought she would. she screamed uncontrollably for a good 5 minutes or so and then had to be held the rest of the time. i did get to check on her periodically since me and Jeremy are only 2 doors down in the older nursery class. fortunately we dont have either one of our babies in our class, which is a good thing because they would have a hard time transitioning when they move on. so i at least get to check on both of them throughout class time and that is comforting for me.
we also made a huge decision and got ourselves a minivan. i have never been a van person and never wanted a van, but we needed a larger vehicle and the van seemed like the smarter choice. after researching SUV i decided that economically the van was the best choice. with our minivan we have more room for the price, better gas mileage, and a newer model then we would have been able to get in a SUV. so we ended up with a Chrysler Town and Country Touring 2007, it was a year newer then our truck with less miles and cheaper payment every month. with all of those benefits we figured we couldn't say no. we have had the van now for a little over 2 weeks and the kids not only love it but it has been growing on me to. the kids love to have so much space and i love the fact that my kids can get in and out all on their own with automatic doors. i also love how i have a lot of storage room, and dont have to fill up my tank every couple of days. so for all you van haters out there just do your homework because with an every growing family the van just makes more sense! when my kids get older i still would love to get a Yukon since i am more of an SUV mommy, but for now i am enjoying my minivan:)
well i believe that is the big events that have happened in the last few months and i hope to be adding some photos soon once i locate them all.

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  1. so i'm cracking up over your new minivan because we have been minivan hunting over here. it took us both a little while to decide that's what we wanted to do...but we are looking now. i LOOOVE my denali and it's payed off but it's ridiculous how often we are filling the thing up with gas. and driving back to arizona is completely outrageous. we thought about getting a car or a cross-over type vehicle but in the end we decided there's no way we could handle having 3 kids in one of those. so here we are...ready to move on to a minivan! i'm glad you're liking yours, it gives me hope! :)