Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Getting Old!!

Well today was my 26th birthday, which means I am getting really old. I can't believe that I will be almost 30 in just a few years. My birthday was wonderful, thanks to my wonderful husband. He first took me out to IHOP for breakfast, which was delicious. Then we went to the store to put all my pictures (800 of them) onto Cd's. I have been meaning to do that for quite sometime and just never had the time. I was so glad to finally get that project done with. After the picture adventure we went to see a movie (Salt, with Angelina Jolie) and we both loved that movie. Then we went back home for a little bit, because we both wanted to see Julien (Jeremys little brother) with his new braces. He was a little shocked at how much they hurt and how he didn't want to eat, because of the pain. He realizes that all the pain will be worth it in the end when he has beautiful teeth. After that we went to my favorite restaurant, Mi Amigos, with my sister and her boyfriend. My wonderful sister HAD to tell the waiter it was my birthday, so they unfortunately came out and sang to me. After being humiliated by wearing a sombrero we went to get some yummy frozen yogurt. I decided that after all the eating I really needed to do something to burn some calories, so we went and bought some roller blades to have some fun. We ended up going rollerblading around the neighborhood, and I must say I am not as good as I remember. I think we also forgot how hot it was outside and we both melted even though it was after 8 pm. We did have a lot of fun and were glad that neither of us fell on our faces. My birthday was a lot of fun thanks to wonderful people in my life, and I am glad I don't have to celebrate another one for a whole year!!


  1. Glad your birthday was so much fun! You deserve it!

  2. Hey Cami:)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your kids are adorable and by the way 26 is not old at all!
    I think that is awesome that you had homebirths with all your kids and I am a huge supporter of homebirths. In Arizona it's illegal for midwives to assist in a homebirth after cesarean (unless a doctor is present), but I'm hoping that by the time I get pregnant again there will be options out there. There are so many great midwives that it makes me so mad that I can't just have my pick of them.